For the 4th time around..

Gave my first bag of AB blood this year because why not…. 

Though it will take me two more years to complete my card since you can only donate 4 times a year. But heck who cares? Atleast I’m helping somebody who’s badly in need and yes, you’re welcome. 😇 

Balentayns 2017

Last year, nag nachos, beers at late night movie date lang kami dito sa bahay.
Ngayong taon, nag plano kaming mag nachos, beers at movie ulit kaso…dahil busy na rin naman kami at sobrang hectic ng schedule naming pareho at very unfit ng oras kaya hindi na rin lang natuloy.

But still, we celebrated February 14 together.. 

*bawi nalang sa landian moments kapag okay na sched, hehe~

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