Just wanted to give this man a blog post for always waiting for me to finish my review sessions.. Salamat, friendship!

*everyone’s starting to pack up their things since super late na ng gabi*

Me: ayy matutulog na kayong lahat? Meeh, sige.. 

Jm: samahan nalang kita hanggang matapos ka.. *then he started to play/read notes on his phone while lying down at the sofa* 

Plus, for being my review buddy! Thank you so muuuuch! I’m praying that we’ll both pass the board exams. πŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌ

PS: we’re not on the same course, ECE siya.


Skets pad

Nasa kalagitnaan ako ng pagre-review nung biglang naghanap ako ng papel/index card na pagsusulatan ng mga formulas. Nakita ko to tas bigla nalang akong nalungkot.

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roller coaster entry: magulo at walang patutunguhan

Ang dami ng pending sa drafts ko na hindi ko naitutuloy i-post. Isa na dito yung pagpunta ko sa star city. Masaya naman kahit weak sa rides yung kasama ko pero qaqu guys natakot ako sa ferris wheel kasi takot talaga ako sa heights at para akong masusuka nung nasa gitna na kami at kahit closed naman yun at nakaupo lang kami at mabagal yung ikot nya, i’m nginig from head to toes no joke. Gusto ko sana i-try yung vikings (whatever you call it, basta yung boat) at yung parang roller coaster na iikot kang 360 kaso bwiset yung kasama ko, KJ af, di makaya mga extreme rides, pwe.

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